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About company

We are a small team of developers. We are engaged in the creation of mobile applications for all modern platforms. (Android, iOS, Web). We are experienced engineers, passionate about products we are creating. All our employees are already very experienced, so that we are able to fulfill the wishes of every customer. We are focused on results, and keep this goal for more than eight years.


8+ years in the applications development

For over eight years, our company has been developing software. We formed strong expertise within our company. Our specialists have Google Android and iOS developer certifications. We know guidelines and follow them in order to create a modern and stable mobile applications.

Work with popular services

Smartphone helps people to be closer to each other. And we help your business get closer to the consumer. Deep integration with social networks, application deep linking targeted advertising campaigns and push notifications to help you get closer to your customer, to understand what he wants and to satisfy all his needs.

Server side development

Virtually all mobile applications need strong support from the server side (aka backend). We are ready to meet this need, positioning as a specialists in the field of server development.

Cross-platform development

jQuery Mobile

PhoneGap, Xamarin, Ionic

We use different approaches for different types of applications. There are large highly loaded applications that use native methods development. However, for many applications may be enough cross-platform development. Write code once and immediately get the app on all popular platforms (Android, iOS, Web). It is not only faster, but also much cheaper!

Development for any device type

 Smartphone Tablet Desktop Wearables (i.e. smartwatch)

Almost everyone today has a smartphone. And tablet. And maybe smartwatch. It may even be a smart pot! Smart devices among us, and our company has experience in developing applications for IoT (Internet of Things).



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